Selling Software

Do you want to get into the software business?  Sell your own software but don’t want to create your own software?

How about selling software designed by someone else – managed by someone else, etc etc etc.  You just basically take care of sales and you can do it all freelance.  Can set your own working hours your own pricing , no bosses.

Does the flexibility sound interesting?  Is there software though worth selling and what kind of margins etc?  Is this really possible?  I would have to say a definite resounding yes.  Is it easy that would be a definite no, especially if you wanted to make a living of it.

Think of the possibilities and think outside the box.  You don’t need to write software manage a team etc to sell a software product and have great margins.

Below is one such example.



Here is an example of someone trying to sell the Designa software marketing on