Negotiation – definitely worth the money to learn

People spend years learning to prepare for a job.


How much time do people spend to learn how to find a job?  How many hours???  Not even one hour or people just learn how to write a resume.

How much time have you spent?  Have you ever read a book?  Ever take a training course on negotiation?

Why not? When you apply for a job if you get a job offer you need to negotiate for a salary.  What about ever year at a company?  Yep, you need to negotiate for a raise.  You need to negotiate for a promotion.

If you can’t negotiate you are negotiating yourself out of tons of money.  Lost opportunities.

Crazy when u think about it.  What 20 years of school, elementary school, middle school, high school, college, perhaps grad school – a masters – a Ph.D.  I got out of graduate school at the age of 28.  Been in school 20+ years yet never was taught how to negotiate or even how to find a job.

I never even thought about this, crazy…

I am very happy with my life and my finances.  Regardless, I can’t believe how just a few years ago I started to realize how much I left on the table over the years in terms of money and opportunities.  Now I am not looking for a job and not looking for any raises…  Still…  Crazy when ever I look back…