Telling a story with data – an awesome example

This is one of the coolest statistical presentations I have ever seen.

Do I agree with everything the story, not so, and yet love his presentation just awesome!

Granted, he has a team, and to be honest to do anything great you need a team.? This is just another of the importance of a team.

Okay, now back to why it is so awesome, simply put he takes a ton of data and makes it into a simple easy to understand story.? Always, remember no one pays for pretty graphs and companies pay tons for turning data into a compelling actionable story and even more if that story works out well for the company :).


Another awesome example of an awesome presentation – telling a story using data and creating.

Realistically, most cannot present at this level.? I cannot especially without an awesome team.? Not to mention it is not worth the effort most of the time.? Still that said using Excel and making everyone can make some really cool graphs.? The real gold is in taking the time to make a story.

Some helpful tips:

  • Think about where you are going with your story.
  • Organize the graphs well.? In many ways, this overlaps with know where you are going.
  • Make sure the picture you are showing truly displays what you think it does.
  • Finally, don’t contradict yourself.