So true on product, marketing and sales

This is so true about product and marketing.

Another video on numbers. ?This is about being better than your competition. ?So much better than those around you that you don’t need to compete for business.

I remember when I moved to Bangkok Thailand years ago, over a decade, going out and networking with other foreigners many of them wanted to hire me to do statistics for their firm. ?I have a Ph.D. in statistics, which is rare, but what is even more rare is a Ph.D. from America native speaker and working Bangkok Thailand.

I was already working and wasn’t interested in the work. ?This is a story to make you think about not just marketing but making yourself stand out in a way that people will try to recruit you as opposed to you running around trying to get noticed.

So for those in business, I noticed many hate statistics, if you want to differentiate yourself for a job in business perhaps work on your statistics and at least data presentation skills.

So you see any examples similar? ?Share.