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App reskinning or App flipping

So what is app reskinning or app flipping? Simply put this is about buying an existing app with the code and then modifying the visuals involved so minor to no code modification and then placing it in the google play or istore for people to download. The way I am recommending is legal of course.  …

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Do you know your fractions?

Sadly, most people don’t know basic math. This fact is important when considering your marketing plan. Check out why a better tasting burger and larger was shunned for a smaller burger which most considered tasted worse.    

Why do you need to know about compounding now!!!

First off if you think you know what compounding is then you’d be doing it.   To know and not to do is really not to know. ― Stephen R. Covey   For myself the importance of compounding and investing hit me most when I started my teaching career in Thailand.  The more classes I …

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Does a high income make you rich?

Simply put, no.  Obviously, not. A huge income can lead to an amazing life for a time.  Obviously we can spend more than we make if we so decide to or spend without thinking about cashflow – present and future.  One must consider their money coming in and money going out for now and what …

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Do You Know How To Find A Job?

How Do You Try To Get A Job?   Do you know the definition of insanity?  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different response.  “You don’t know what you don’t know”.  Another great quote below:   This video covers a story of someone insane basically.   Most people …

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Things move exponentially these days not linearly anymore.

It is very important to understand exponential when planning for the future. Why is this crucial?  Simple, you may think you have tons of time to prepare but in reality you may not.  For example, the last financial crisis how quickly did that move…  How about the Cypress bail in… Finally, many students think that …

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Imagine no checkout lines, does it sound good?

No lines does sound great? This video is great.  Sad part is the loss of jobs that isn’t discussed and then the loss of the management positions over the jobs, so not just the low end jobs … This looks great assuming nothing else changes, our money stays the same.  More directly our purchasing power …

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Is your job safe? Think again!

Have you heard of artifical intelligence?   Computer software is getting very advanced.  You guys know star trek and star wars correct?  I hope, at least star wars.  Do you like R2D2 and C3PO?  The androids?  Even if the androids on that level aren’t here yet the software is coming that can do tons of …

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Has access to money made you stupid?

This is an awesome lesson.  Watch this to save a fortune. Have you ever made some money.  Save some money or access to some money and then just think you knew everything?  For example, from investing in stocks to real estate?  Ever lost a lot of money?   Ever made a lot of money and …

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Just one more reason to network

This is quick 1 min clip on when looking to expand your work force why to recruit people recommneded by current employees.