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Platinum Project

Group assignment for 2-3 students.

Your client is a small sized bank. It is considering to maintain its customer profile and upgrade its valuable customer to become a Platinum card holder. Think of yourself as a consultant who is to give an understanding to the bank/your client on who their present customers are and whom to give the platinum card to. Your client has very little to no statistical background therefore you will have to present your findings in a simple and easy to understand format. ? In summary you want to give your client an understanding of their customers who they are and who to give a platinum card to.

The customers of your client must fulfill the following criteria to possess the platinum card:

  • Loyalty ? customers should have had a credit card for at least a few years.
  • Profitability ? they make their money mainly from customers spending a lot every month.
  • Not just money spent though, they better pay, check that when they spend they at least pay something in the same month ? to illustrate they are not late
  • Active card user ? make sure they are still using the card.
  • Not too old (about the age of person)

Note: There are mainly 2 types of customers revolvers and transactors.

  1. Revolvers ? they continuously keep a balance and don?t pay it
  2. Transactors ? they pay off the entire balance every month.

Each group will present the project on the date it is due, approx. three weeks from when it is assigned. The presentation should be done in PowerPoint. Graphs, etc., must be done in Excel. The PowerPoint must be less than 5MB in size. Finally, you will hand in the PowerPoint presentation and all supporting materials ? in print. You will be graded almost entirely on the PowerPoint presentation. The presentation should be made as a stand-alone document. It should be made in a manner that it can be read and understood without your presence. You should print it out and hand it in on the day of presentation.

Below is the data file layout:
? Name
? Phone
? Region ? customers are classified into general regions
? Gender(1=male)
? Age
? Income: persons income, in Baht/Month at time of application
? Jobtype: (if work in government=1)
? Renter (1=rents, 0=owns the place where they live)
? Account age ? how long ago the account was opened
? For the past year by month you will have (rounding errors exist – 1-2 pennies at most):

  • Money spent
  • balance (the portion to be charged interest = money owed minus months payment.
  • Note: ?Interest owed is not on the balance – not included (too complicated to simulate and difficult to cover)
  • Payment made for the balance period of that month

Download the data according to your group number.