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FiRM Project

The project – more like homework as you can work together.


Select 10 timeframes (e.g. 1 timeframe could be the year 1999) and analyze 3 different tickers for each timeframe.? You must do this using a “for loop” for “looping” through the timeframes.? The analysis is simply descriptive statistics of the returns over that time period.? Use the “describe” function and show 8 decimals.

Do this again 4 more times for the same timeframes just now with 3 different tickers each time.? ?You can simply rewrite the ticker symbols and run the code again.

Thus you will have descriptive statistics ultimately for 10 different time periods for a total of 15 tickers – just split out into 5 sets of output.

Please email me the computer code and output in a file by the assigned deadline.

The main goal is to illustrate the power of R coding or coding in general over simply using point and click software.

Finally, please do your own work and not copy.? Working together is fine and copying a classmate’s file to submit is not.


Download the file below for sample code to help you in this project.

FiRM for project for wordpress v1