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Is there bias in academic journals

It is way to easy to just blindly trust published papers.? I often watch people online and hear “the science says” and like no one ever gets that wrong, misquotes or misunderstands or is corrupt when it comes to research. There is a lot of pressure to publish in academia.? So this is actually very …

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Telling a story with data – an awesome example

This is one of the coolest statistical presentations I have ever seen. Do I agree with everything the story, not so, and yet love his presentation just awesome! Granted, he has a team, and to be honest to do anything great you need a team.? This is just another of the importance of a team. …

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Want some tips on finding a job

Can’t find a job?? Perhaps need some professional help. Now I won’t profit from this course and can’t say if it is worth it.? ?I would say this, so many of us invest our time into knowledge.? Knowledge many of which we know is worthless especially if a student looking for a degree. Don’t go …

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Attitude more important than skills

Attitude is more important than skills.   Most people and almost all things taught at school are on skills.? Yet more than ever attitude is more important than skills.? Ever hear of on the job training?? Of course, we all have?and get on the job training. Can you train someone that doesn’t show up?? Can …

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